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Who we are

Truth fund was initiated by the biggest Ukrainian IT companies and with media support from The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and fundraising support from the Kyiv School of Economics. We are a team of Ukrainian tech and digital professionals who have been fighting Russian-spread lies since the first day of the war.

Bombed house in Kiev
Frightened girl with Ukrainian flag on her cheek Zelenskiy at war

Our work

We want to help Ukraine win this war, and we choose non-violent methods, unlike Russia. Spreading the truth is crucial and brings us closer to peace every day

#1: Content Production And Boosting

We shoot videos and broadcast important messages to the world. In cases when our colleagues or like-minded people have already produced the content, we help them promote it.

The video “Why Does Ukraine Deserve To Be In The European Union” by War Against War has over 3.4 million views to date. With our boosting, the video got 1.6 million views in just one day.

A video message from Ukrainian entrepreneurs to their russian colleagues has 131,733 views to date.

An internationally-renowned creative agency from Ukraine Banda released a video on the 4th day of war called “Ukraine Now”, highlighting what had happened in Ukraine at the time. The video was created to gain exposure and call on people to act now. It has 81.3k views on YouTube 1.9 million views on Instagram.

Severe loss and disruption in the lives of children affected by the war lead to high rates of depression and anxiety. Thanks to local celebrities and opinion leaders, we drew attention the public's attention to the #KidsLivesMatter campaign.

#2: Promotion on Social Media

Within the first several days of the war, we launched advertising campaigns across all social networks. We have received more than 200 million impressions in Russia and Belarus during the first three weeks of the war. We urged Russian mothers not to let their sons fight in Ukraine, and we talked to the world about the terrible consequences of the actions of the Russian army. We informed Europeans about what was happening in Ukraine and provided media support to collect donations for humanitarian needs.


#3 PR Support

Our specialists are part of a volunteer PR team that works with foreign media and broadcasts accurate information. We also launched a platform where any journalist can find and chat with an English-speaking eyewitness from Ukraine in a couple of clicks.


#4 Special Campaigns

An informational and motivational project for the citizens of Ukraine. Its goal is to support the fighting spirit of Ukrainians through the creation of our own superheroes united by Ukrainian storytelling and designed around the new Ukrainian idea and identity.


Vartovi Voli (aka Guardians of Freedom) are a crew of superheroes with characters based on actual and collective images of people whose actions and personalities have become a byword for Ukrainian resistance and courage.

Next steps: creating content about the Ukrainian Avengers for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to reach around 1 million users per day.

we need you support


Our strengths and assets

  • Around 3,000 people with deep expertise in IT, communications, digital media, and marketing from the top Ukrainian tech companies
  • Capabilities to quickly create and produce visual assets of all sorts
  • Daily multimillion audience reach and coverage
  • Access to a comprehensive list of social media channels and media outlets to use for our informational outreach

About the war

A list of trusted sources where you can get verified news about the war in Ukraine:

Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s socials:

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The Kyiv Independent

Kyiv Post

where the donated money will go

Thanks to the collective effort of our team, every day, millions of Russian and Belarusian citizens are shown content that exposes the brutal and horrendous effect the war has on Ukraine. These videos call on Russian people to protest against the war in Ukraine and demand immediate war termination. On top of that, the content that we show to those living in Russia screams of the dire social and economic consequences that Russians are already experiencing.

Another direction of our online activities is targeting the mothers of Russian soldiers and begging them to save their sons who are dying as a result of the decisions made by their government.

How we work

We create visual assets daily and distribute them across social media channels and media outlets. In addition, we're repurposing apps developed by our projects to reach as many people as we can and spread the truth among their users.

Simultaneously, we're building an infrastructure for information aggregation, info channels, and info maps. It amounts to over 100 initiatives within the first week of war.

The channels we use

Social media channels acquisition, digital ads placement on social media platforms, messengers, and other media resources.

How the fund operates

  • Workgroups and project teams submit ideas for implementation to the expert group
  • The expert group reviews the application, and, decides on project financing
  • The expert group keeps the record and reports to the Board and investors on the implementation and funding of the projects